What a difference a week makes
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Posted by: Rich Rudowske 7/1/2014 8:28 PM

Wow, what a difference a week makes.  I am sitting in the Lutheran Bible Translators Service Center in Aurora IL working this short holiday week.  It has been a good, yet emotionally taxing week.  The highlight of my week thus far was receiving the work report from the Shekgalagari project, where I worked for the last five years, and I am happy to report that the first draft of the Gospel of Luke has been completed! 

There is still a long ways to go with checking, testing, and consultant review before it is ready for public use, but when I think back to the early days our family lived in Kang, learning to live there, meeting people, helping mobilize local support for the project, visiting kgotla after kgotla, hiring and training staff - it is a long time in coming.  I am thrilled to have been involved in God's mission in helping to get this project started and I am humbled to be able to continue to support John, Pontsho, and Tshwaragananag in their work from here.

To all of you who have been and will continue to pray and give toward this labour of love, we thank you and encourage you to celebrate this milestone with us!

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